Small bars (Malmö bar)

Our smaller bars are called Malmö bars, and they have a great taste even though the format is small (a bar is 25g). A box contain 24 bars. All of them have a lot in common: they are all made out of peruan cacao, they are all flavoured with one taste and sprinkled with another and they are all organic and fairtrade. Free from traces of nuts, gluten and soy, as always. And all very tasty ;-)


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MBar Orange & Ginger 70%MBar Orange & Ginger 70%Dark Chocolate 70%Orange & GingerFairtradeOrganicSet of 24
Mbar Pear & Cardemom 40%Mbar Pear & Cardemom 40%Milk Chocolate 40%Pear & CardemomFairtradeOrganicSet of 24
MBar Liquorice & Sea Salt 40%MBar Liquorice & Sea Salt 40%Milk Chocolate 40%Liquorice& Sea SaltFairtradeOrganicSet of 24
MBar Violet & Liquorice 54%MBar Violet & Liquorice 54%Dark Milk 56%Violet & LiquoriceFairtradeOrganicSet of 24

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