Malmö Cones

Cones with chocolate pieces in them is something our predecessors sold almost a hundred years ago and we're keeping the tradition alive. Our cones are striped just like our old chimney and the contents is always organic, fairtrade and free from traces of nuts, gluten and soy. We have a number of flavours and in a cone there is fourteen pieces of flavoured chocolate, always sprinkled with an additional flavour. The weight is 90g and a box contain ten cones.



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Cone Blueberry & RaspberryCone Blueberry & RaspberryDark Milk 50%FairtradeOrganicSet of 10
Cone Christmas Cinnamon & OrangeCone Christmas Cinnamon & OrangeMilk Chocolate 37%FairtradeOrganicSet of 10
Cone Lemon & LiquoriceCone Lemon & LiquoriceWhite Chocolate 28%FairtradeOrganicSet of 10
Cone Pineapple & ChiliCone Pineapple & ChiliDark Chocolate 63%FairtradeOrganicSet of 10
Cone Raspberry & LiquoriceCone Raspberry & LiquoriceWhite Chocolate 26%FairtradeOrganicSet of 10

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